Upgrading our technology

At Hawaiian Airlines, we are making a long-term investment in technology to provide an enhanced experience to our guests. On April 19, 2023 HST, we upgraded our core reservations system to a new passenger service system to a more modern, efficient solution that will enable our front-line employees to help better assist guests with their reservation needs. By providing our team with an improved user experience to simplify and automate complex tasks, we will give them more time to share aloha with our guests.

Updated: June 1, 2023
Information for our HawaiianMiles members

Mahalo for your patience as we continue work to improve the web and mobile experience and restore features and functionality. More information on what you can expect can be found below:

Issue Update
Request for miles earn on past flights If your online request for past miles was not fulfilled, please contact the HawaiianMiles Service Center here. Select “HawaiianMiles” as the topic and “Earn HawaiianMiles on flights” for the subtopic. Be sure to complete all other fields before clicking submit.
Miles accrual when voluntarily taking an alternate flight Flight miles have not been posting for members who chose to standby for an alternate flight from what they had originally confirmed. While we work to resolve this, members may request credit for their flights here.
Pualani Platinum First Class upgrades for Neighbor Island flights We have identified that Pualani Platinum members who are traveling within Hawaii are not automatically upgraded when First Class seats are available. Instead members are being placed on the upgrade list. Until the automation is fixed, please listen for announcements that the upgrade list has cleared before boarding with Zone 1.
Flight Award redemptions not successful We are working to solve an intermittent issue redeeming miles for flights. Members who encounter this issue may call our Reservations here to book their flight awards.
Access to reserved seating via My Trips for Pualani Elite members Access to reserved seats via My Trips is working intermittently, impacting Pualani Elite, Premier Club and corporate guests flying within Hawaii. We are working on getting this fully functional.
Frequently asked questions

Learn more about the changes you’ll experience as we make upgrades to our system by clicking the topics below.

  • To make changes to existing tickets after April 19, 2023, please contact our Reservations Department. We will be implementing new, enhanced self-service flight changes on our website and app in the future.
  • As of April 7, 2023, our Fare Hold product is temporarily unavailable. However, we continue to offer refundable fare options, no change fees on Main Cabin and First/Business Class seats, and our 24-hour cancellation policy.
  • You'll be able to find travel credit information through our new Travel Voucher Look-up feature. To apply the travel credit to a new booking, please contact our Reservations Department or apply your Travel Voucher online at HawaiianAirlines.com.
  • After April 19, 2023, any existing saved payment methods will not transition to our upgraded system. Simply re-enter any saved credit card information when booking your next flight.
  • After April 19, 2023, when using the mobile app, you’ll need to enter information for each guest in your reservation while making a booking, as the ability to select travelers saved to My Account will be temporarily unavailable. The saved travelers feature will continue to be available for bookings made on our website.
  • To redeem your gift cards, please apply them while making a booking on our website. Redemption of gift cards is temporarily unavailable via the mobile app.
  • When you receive a cardmember discount, it will be sent to you as a discount code via email instead of through the HawaiianMiles member dashboard. Cardmembers with an existing annual $100 companion discount or one-time 50% off companion discount (new cardmembers only) will be sent their discount codes via email shortly. All discount codes are now being delivered via email.
  • Starting April 19, 2023, Extra Comfort upgrades for Pualani Platinum and Pualani Gold members will be available during check-in. You’ll have the ability to see all available Extra Comfort seats on your flight and select the seat you prefer.
  • As of April 18, 2023, the ability to Purchase Miles, Share Miles for a fee and utilize Miles Maximizer on our website is temporarily unavailable. Learn more about the options for each product below.
  • If you’re unable to locate your flight confirmation email, you can request receipts by contacting our Reservations Department. This functionality on our website will be temporarily unavailable.
  • Uplift installment payments is temporarily unavailable as of April 18, 2023.
  • When traveling between the Islands, an available First Class seat will now be automatically assigned when you check-in for your flight. If a First Class seat is not available at the time you check-in, you’ll be placed on a waitlist for upgrades. Should a First Class seat become available prior to departure, upgrades will be cleared starting with the member who checked in first.

    Additionally, if you are upgraded to First Class during check-in and traveling with non-Platinum companions on the same reservation, they will not be able to change their coach seat assignment via self-service channels. For assistance with your traveling party’s seat assignments please see an agent at the airport.
  • The request form to redeem a Platinum upgrade certificate is now available on your My Account page. Sign into your HawaiianMiles account and look for the “Redeem Platinum upgrade certificate” link in the left-hand menu. Members can also still contact our Reservations team via phone to make a request.