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Each of the Islands has a character all its own. Which one would you like to explore?
Hawaiian Islands

The State of Hawaii is made up of eight main islands, and six are open to visitors.

Oahu, the most populated, is home to Hawaii's capital of Honolulu and the popular visitor destination of Waikiki. Click on an island to find out more.

Hawaii Island Maui Kahoolawe Lanai Molokai Oahu Kauai Niihau
diamond head iconic Oahu
An enticing blend of cosmopolitan culture and natural beauty, Oahu is home to Hawaii's capital city of Honolulu, and its number one hot spot — Waikiki. It's often the first stop for first-time guests.
haleakala Maui
From the volcanic slopes of Haleakala, to the luxury resorts of Kaanapali, "The Valley Isle" blends the charm of the past with modern-day excitement.
kona-kealakekua-bay Hawaii Island
The largest of all the islands, Hawaii Island continues to grow in size as lava flows into the sea. Beyond the volcano, there's so much to experience here, from cowboy country, luxury resorts to eco-adventures.
Na Pali Kauai
"The Garden Island's" untouched splendor makes it a haven for those seeking to get away from it all. From its sheer cliffs and waterfalls, to lush trails and rainforests, Kauai beckons you to come and explore.
sweetheart-rock Lanai
Lanai is affectionately known as "The Pineapple Isle," as it once produced approximately 75 percent of the world’s pineapples. Two luxury hotels now make it the ultimate place for rest and relaxation. No traffic lights here.
okala-and-huelo Molokai
Its small-town, down-to-earth character earned Molokai its nickname, "The Friendly Isle." Molokai has preserved its slow paced, laid back lifestyle and connection to the past.

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