Hilo Coffee Mill

A woman-run, eco-conscious coffee farm supporting local farmers

Although Kona’s coffee belt is what comes to mind when you think “coffee on the Big Island,” East Side visitors needn’t miss out. 

Hilo Coffee Mill sits on 24 lush acres just upslope from Hilo, and those driving up to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park should stop here first. 

The mission of this woman-owned business is “to produce the BEST Hawaiian coffee on our 24 acres and to support local farmers produce and market their crops to the world” and they carry, and grind, their own coffee as well as coffees from all over Hawaii.  

There are two tours: the free 15-minute walk-in tour, which includes time in the roasting room, and a 2-hour intensive tour which should be booked in advance and can be bundled with a meal. 

Prices range from $20-$35. Guests on the longer tour see the farm layout, the varieties of coffee trees, and learn about the history of coffee on the Big Island. 

They experience the drying shed, pick coffee fruit and taste it. 

Have a late breakfast or early lunch in the cute dining room or belly up to the tasting bar (the Latte Da Bar at The Mill), where you can sample 100-percent Hawaiian coffees of the day or order from the full menu of coffee drinks, smoothies, milk shakes, and ice cream.