Hilo Bake Company

Discover a bakery case full of sweet and savory treats.

Hilo folks know to hit Hilo Bake Company by 8 a.m. if they have any hope of landing the bakery’s locally-famous maple bacon doughnut.

Owner Coen Murashige, an exceptionally warm and sunny guy, suggests you call on the way over to place your order if you want insurance that you’ll get one.

Coen founded the bakery on Kawili Street in Hilo in September, 2012, with the idea of running “a fun bakery that did something a little different."

Coenʻs mom and dad run the counter, and his mom, in particular, is pretty stoked that the wizardry of cell phones allows akamai (smart) folks to text in an order so it can be ready, still hot and fresh, as you walk into the bakery. 

It’s Coen and an aunt in the back, working as fast as they can to turn out the croissants, Danish, rolls, turnovers, breads and whatever delectably creative recipe Coen is hatching for the day. 

Speaking of things that hatch, you can also get quiche. Coen says that he “tries to meet every wish” from his happy community, and he wants you to know that Hilo Bake Company is a fun place to be! Check at the counter for daily specials. Pizzas and bentos are available at lunch.

Hours: Mon.-Fri. 6 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Sat. 7 a.m. to noon