Taste of Chinatown

This food tour takes you on an excursion through Honolulu's Chinatown district.

After Walter Rhee earned a bachelor’s degree in marine biology from Cornell, he began doing graduate research work in shellfish aquaculture.

As it turned out, he enjoyed eating shellfish more than studying them, which led to his true calling — food science and the culinary arts.

Today, Rhee is a chef instructor at Kapiolani Community College and the owner of Walter Eats Hawaii, the umbrella company for his cooking classes and Taste of Chinatown tour.

Rhee is the guide for that excursion, which lingers at some of the best food stalls and restaurants in the area.

There’s plenty to digest — ono (delicious) fare such as shrimp wonton, chow mein, exotic fruit (whatever is in season) and roast duck with plum sauce as well as the fascinating tidbits that Rhee shares about them.

Saturdays only, reservations required