Hawaiian Airlines
Boeing 787 

Introducing the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787

Be some of the first to fly on our new flagship aircraft, the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787, elevating our fleet’s standard of travel. The fuel-efficient planes travel at a lower cabin altitude with enhanced filtration and turbulence sensors, resulting in a more comfortable flight, while the spacious interior features electronically dimmable windows and the largest overhead bins of any airplane jet today. Relish in all the high-tech features and elegant Hawaii-inspired details when planes take off in 2024.

A unique journey by design

Thousands of years ago, crews first sailed the Pacific Ocean by observing the sun, stars, winds, waves and wildlife. Today we celebrate those time-honored traditions with the Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787, an innovative aircraft that pays tribute to our wayfinding history while setting forth a new path of discovery.

Leihoku A new premium journey written in the stars

Leihōkū — meaning “lei of stars” in Hawaiian — is the newest class of premium travel. Offered only on Hawaiian Airlines Boeing 787 aircraft, it is a transformative way to fly with enclosed suites, fully lie-flat seats and luxurious details.

Leihoku Lie Down
Extra comfort
Exceptional experience

Choose the Extra Comfort travel experience to access priority lines, more legroom and a front-row seat to sweeping design details. Just above, the ceiling mimics the open sky, illuminating with colors that correspond to the destination’s current sunlight.

More in Main Cabin

Every detail references Hawaii’s natural elements, from panels depicting koa woodgrains, to carpet that resembles the ocean, to plant life illustrated on Main Cabin seats. Windows are electronically dimmable, allowing guests to change their view from light to dark with the press of a button.

Accommodating amenities

There’s even more to explore. Stow your belongings in our large, pivoting overhead bins while relaxing to free in-flight entertainment, which includes our own Hawaii-made music videos and Hana Hou! TV. Plus, make use of multiple personal charging outlets from the comfort of your seat.