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Just like each Hawaiian Island is uniquely different, we recognize that you are too. To better serve you, we offer a wide spectrum of travel options to address your unique needs and desires. From our lie-flat Premium Cabin to our most affordable fares to Hawaii, we can help you find the best travel option for you.

What you’ll get with Main Cabin Basic

With Main Cabin Basic, you’ll enjoy the same authentic Hawaiian hospitality and quality service you can expect from us. You’ll receive Hawaiian Airlines’ signature complimentary meal, snack and beverage service during your flight, as well as free in-flight entertainment. However, with this lowest-priced fare option, there are some limitations, like receiving your seat assignment at time of check in and being in the last boarding group.

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Main Cabin Basic vs. Main Cabin

Main Cabin Basic
Main Cabin
icon-suitcase Allowed 1 free carry-on bag + personal item YES YES
icon-seat Select a seat before check-in NO YES
icon-boarding Earlier access to overhead bins NO YES
icon-airplane Change flight NO YES
icon-ec-seat Upgrade to Extra Comfort or First Class seats NO YES
icon-miles Qualify for Pualani Elite bonus HawaiianMiles NO YES
*No change fees.

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