Pago Pago
Underwater adventures, tropical rainforests, and natural beauty.

The capital city of American Samoa, Pago Pago sits at the western end of a bay on the island of Tutuila. Remote and stunningly beautiful, the lush and tropical destination is the epitome of escape.

Snorkel around the coral reef that fringes the island, home to hundreds of species of coral and nearly one thousand different kinds of fish. On your underwater adventure, you may come face-to-face with whitetip reef sharks, sea turtles, porpoises, giant clams, and barracudas, among other marine creatures. The National Park of American Samoa, located on the north-central part of the island, is an excellent place to scope out the region’s ecosystem, which includes fruit bats, geckos, and wild dogs.

Housed in the historic Post Office and Navy Commissary buildings, the Jean P. Haydon Museum in Fagatogo features cultural artifacts such as clothing, art, weaponry, and pottery. For a literal taste of the local scene, a traditional Samoan feast, complete with kava, the national drink made from the roots of a native plant, is not to be missed.