Juicy, refreshing and sweet

Citrus in Hawaii includes more than 100 varieties, such as oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, pomelos, tangelos, tangerines, and Buddha’s hand.

Taste: Thin skin on Hawaiian citrus means they yield two to three times more juice than store-bought.

How to eat: Fresh orange juice is marvelous blended with passionfruit juice. Buddha’s Hand is all sweet-lemon-y rind and juicy pith, which can be sliced and used like a vegetable in stir-fries.

Selecting: Ignore rust-colored skin, which is common on many oranges. It just means the trees weren’t sprayed with pesticides.

Storing: Kept at room temperature, citrus will last one week; longer in the refrigerator.

Season: Late fall through early spring.