Hamura Saimin Stand

This renowned saimin stand has been the noodle dish since 1952.

When people come to Kauai, whether they’re visitors or kamaaina from another island, a pit stop to Hamura Saimin Stand is usually on the itinerary.

Located in Lihue, less than 10 minutes from the airport, Hamura Saimin is a Garden Island mainstay.

Charles and Aiko Hamura founded their namesake restaurant in 1952. Today, granddaughter Lori Tanigawa runs the small, open-air restaurant known for its classic saimin.

Hamura’s soup is made with flavorful broth—a secret recipe—char siu, a sweet and spiced roast pork, and wonton, meat-filled dumpling (starting at $7.50).

Even better, the eatery uses its own house-made noodles.

Note: Hamura Saimin is cash only.