Blue Hawaiian Helicopters

See Hawaii like you've never seen it before

A heart-racing helicopter adventure with Blue Hawaiian.

Touring Hawai’i Island in a helicopter has been called one of the “Top Ten World’s Best Helicopter Experiences” by The Travel Channel. 

Try the waterfall adventure called “Laupahoehoe Landing” at the base of a 1200ft. waterfall — very popular for proposals, weddings or any romantic moment.  

It’s part of the Big Island Spectacular tour that departs only from Waikoloa. 

You can also book a private charter to include this special landing, exclusive to Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and only accessible by helicopter. 

It’s hard to beat the experience of hovering like a hummingbird a thousand feet in the air, suspended by a cascading falls, surrounded by rising mist and light. 

Why not whale watch from the air, or watch in amazement as a river of lava flows into the sea . . . below you? Hold hands and hold your breath as you celebrate Valentine's Day or any special occasion in one of the most coveted and stunning locations in the world. Departures from Hilo or Waikoloa.

Find tours and pricing here:
Toll Free: (800) 786-2583
Hilo: Hilo International Airport, Hilo, HI 96720
Waikoloa: (808) 886-1768
Waikoloa: P.O. Box 384473 Waikoloa, HI 96738