Ocean Organic Vodka

This Maui-made spirit has a hint of the sea

Made with organic sugarcane blended with desalinated deep-ocean water, piped up from 3,000 feet deep off Kona, this unusual vodka is known for its smooth texture, with just a hint of the sea.

With a mission to promote ocean conservation — its distinctive round bottles evoke glass fishing floats — Ocean Organic Vodka employs sustainable, eco-friendly practices at its farm and distillery, and supports organizations like Oceana and the Surfrider Foundation.

Tours of the Kula farm and distillery are offered seven days a week and include a walk through the farm -- in addition to sugarcane, you can stroll through a “martini garden” growing ingredients like lavender, citrus, and strawberries -- and a chance to see how the spirits are made, from fermentation and distillation through bottling and shipping.

Tours end with a tasting of the vodka and three types of rum, as well as up-and-coming spirits still in development.