Ululani's Shave Ice

Classic shave ice with an artisanal twist.

Classic Hawaiian shave ice is — well — shaved, not crushed, creating the distinctive powdery treat that’s miles apart from its crunchy mainland cousin, the snowcone.

A local favorite for its authentic, fluffy texture and wide variety of flavors, Ululani’s Hawaiian Shave Ice has six locations across Maui, including its original location on Dairy Road in Kahului.

Syrups are house made using cane syrup and fresh, local ingredients like lilikoi and lychee.

Beyond classics like strawberry, banana and vanilla, popular flavors include watermelon, calamansi lime, tamarind, Thai tea, and “wedding cake.”

To dress up your shave ice, try add-ons like Roselani ice cream, soft mochi chunks, and a “snow cap” of condensed milk.