Dining and Drinks

We offer exquisite, complimentary Island-inspired meals and a wide array of drinks

Experience culinary delights

Our renowned chef and master sommelier take "airplane food" to a whole new level

Bring your appetite on board, because you're in for a treat!
lion-coffee-tn Lion Coffee
Sit back, relax and enjoy a cup of our Lion Coffee Exclusive Blend on board
Big Swell IPA Maui Brewing Company
Beers and locally sourced ingredients
Cocktails by Ko Hana Rum
Taste the authentic flavors of Hawaii with cocktails by Ko Hana Rum
ChuckFuruya Our Master Sommelier
Hawaii's first Master Sommelier, Chuck Furuya, selects our Hawaii-made spirits, and wines
Featured Chef Series
Meet the team of talented local chefs who create the in-flight menus on our trans-pacific flights.