Signature Beverages by Ko Hana Rum
Taste the authentic flavors of Hawaii with craft cocktails by Ko Hana Rum.

Ko Hana Rum and Hawaiian Airlines are proud to serve an offering of in-flight cocktails to bring the authentic flavors of Hawaii to new heights.

Ko Hana Rum creates small batch Hawaiian Agricole rum at their Kunia distillery on Oahu by growing and hand harvesting heirloom sugar canes, brought to the islands by the first Polynesians. Their special distillation process results in cocktails that highlight local flavors and fruits such as the delicious Ko Hana Mai Tai with two rums, bright orange and lime flavors, and hints of orgeat or the Ko Hana Pineapple Daiquiri, simply delightful, with fresh pineapple notes and vibrant white rum.

These cocktails represent ingredients, tastes and smells from Hawaii. Start your vacation early with a Ko Hana cocktail on your next flight.

*Ko Hana Rum cocktails are $8 each and available for purchase on North America, Papeete, Pago Pago, and Rarotonga flights and are complimentary in First/Business Class. Selection and availability varies by flight.
** Ko Hana Distillers offers tours and tastings daily and can be found at