Visit Las Vegas

What is it about Las Vegas that draws vacationers like a glowing oasis in the middle of the desert? Is it the chance that anyone with a dollar in their pocket can win big? Is it the electricity of the Strip that energizes all who set foot in its glittery circuit? Is it the endless selection of shows, the world class dining, the spectacular hotels, or the arid golf climate that brings smiles to the faces of those who flock here? It’s all those things and more, gloriously situated on a five-mile stretch of sand.

So why the attraction?
Though Las Vegas earned its reputation by attracting scores of Hawaii residents who vacation there regularly (and sometimes never leave), one can’t help but also contemplate how much it resembles an island from the sky at night. Las Vegas is certainly aware of its Island allure and has extended a level of hospitality to guests from Hawaii that is second only to the aloha found back home. Hotels like the California Hotel & Casino have even started serving Hawaiian cuisine to give kama’aina some home-cookin’ during their stay. And yes, Vegas even has ABC Stores on the Strip.

Hit the jackpot before you get there
Whether you’re planning a whirlwind tour of Vegas or simply happy to unwind at one hotel/casino, our Las Vegas vacation package options are a sure bet. From deals on shows to cars to accommodations of all kinds, you can book your whole trip now and relax before hopping on the plane. Visit Las Vegas today!

Las Vegas Vacation Five Ways

We’ve put together a list of five things to do that will give you a unique taste of Vegas, just a few steps off the beaten path.

1. Get Kitschy

Located a few blocks off the strip, the Liberace museum is a must-see for anyone enamored by the campy Vegas of old. Pianos, sequined jumpsuits, diamond rings, and a mirrored Rolls-Royce await.

2. Go on Safari
“Cats” isn’t the only feline show in Las Vegas. The Mirage has white tigers on display and the MGM Grand is home to a pride of nearly three-dozen lions (who work in six-hour shifts at the casino).

3. Be a "Big Shot"
A hundred stories up, atop the tallest tower in the United States, is the Stratosphere Casino’s “Big Shot” attraction, a white-knuckle ride that launches you an additional 160 feet straight up in 2.5 seconds.

4. Skydive, Finally!

If you thought the view from the Stratosphere was great, you’ll really love falling out of an airplane at 15,000 feet. Get a free ride from the Strip with and scratch this one off your bucket list.

5. Go Behind the Scenes
Are the glitzy costumes and feathered headpieces of big Vegas shows your thing? If so, you won’t want to miss the All Access Backstage Tour of Jubilee! where a real showgirl takes you on the hour-long walk behind the curtain.

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