Experience the Magic of Maui

Travel to Maui has been making vacationers say “wowee” since Hawaiian Airlines started landing amphibious planes there way back in 1929. A lot has changed over the last 80 years, but the soul of the “Magical Isles,” which includes Lanai and Molokai, remains the same. A true sanctuary of natural beauty and the spirit of aloha.

There’s fun around every corner
The second largest of the Hawaiian islands, Maui offers a wide range of activities for every traveler. With over 30 miles of pristine coastline filled with hidden discoveries like the sea caves of Makena Landing alongside popular sun-worship sanctuaries like Wailea Beach, Maui is the ideal getaway for beach-lovers of all kinds. Love road trips? The Hana Highway is a three-hour scenic drive through one of Hawaii’s last unspoiled frontiers, which includes numerous cascading waterfalls and tropical rainforests.

Your dream vacation starts now
Customizing a Maui vacation package to suit your trip will help you save time and money, from arranging appropriate accommodations for your party to securing the right rental car in advance, so you can easily explore the many natural treasures the island has to offer. Booking a Maui vacation package now will also allow you to relax in the weeks before your trip, because shouldn’t every aspect of your vacation be dreamy?


We've put together a list of five things that will give you a taste of the real Maui, just a few steps off the beaten path.

1. Lend a Hand at Leilani Farm

Drive out to Haiku and volunteer at the Leilani Farm Sanctuary, where you can lend a helping hand sprucing up a safe haven for rescued goats, rabbits, cats and even peahens.

2. Your go-to secret spot for authentic Hawaiian eats?
Da Kitchen. Hands down. Order the Kalua pork plate lunch and prepare to be blown away (and totally stuffed).

3. Candy Bars and Kava Cups
Hit the hop Wow-Wee Maui's Kava Bar and Grill in Kahului to try your first cup of kava, served in a coconut shell. Listen to some live music and bring home some of thier famous chocolate bars.

4. Get Stoked on Surfing

Launiopoko is a great beginner spot similar to those found in Waikiki. It's a buttery soft wave that carries with it a rich history of recreation in Hawaii.

5. Pedal in Paradise

The sunrise bike tour from the summit of Haleakala, translated as "house of the sun," covers 28 miles of switchback roadway and starts well before dawn. Are you up for the ride of your life?

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