Boeing 717-200
Reliable jets get you from island to island

Boeing B717s are at the heart of Hawaiian Airlines’ fast and frequent Neighbor Island service. As a group, they complete over 160 takeoffs and landings every day!

You might be surprised to learn that all those flights are made by only 18 planes, but our B717-200s are built specifically for short range and high frequency.

For 2015, the entire fleet will be treated to a complete interior makeover, with sleeker lines, brand-new seats, solid-aluminum tray tables, and a refreshed color palette.

As you zip between Islands, you may not spend very long in the B717, but you’ll love its reliability and quick turnaround. It’s all about getting you out there faster!

The Boeing B717-200 seats up to 128 passengers in a 2-3 Main Cabin configuration.

717 Seat Map

Boeing 717-200

Seating Capacity: 123 - 128 Seats

First Class

19"H x 18"W x 28"L

Recline: 11"

Pitch: 37"

Seat Configuration: 2-2

Main Cabin

18"W x 15.7"- 18.5”D x 27.5"-29”H

Recline: 6” or Pre-Reclined to 20 degrees

Pitch: 29" to 31"

Seat Configuration: 2-3

*Please note that seat numbers and placement vary from aircraft to aircraft.

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