In-Flight Entertainment



  • Backgammon

    Backgammon, which dates back to antiquity, combines luck and strategy. Even if you think that you are in control, the dice will influence every move you make. This classic 2-player game will keep you busy for hours.

  • Solitaire

    You may just have all the aces. Build up 4 stacks of each suit in ascending order. The success of your play depends on which cards are revealed. Playing solo need not be boring.

  • Al's Casino

    Experience the life of a high roller in this roaring 20s casino game set in Chicago and make the most money out of the 5. We bet that you will quickly find that this game is full of thrilling adventure!

  • Crosswords

    Classic gaming is now crossed with high technology. Crosswords has many levels of increasingly challenging grids to complete. You will feel as though you are writing down your answers down on a real newspaper.

  • In-Flight Sudoku

    Sudoku became hugely popular in the 21st century. Place a number inside a square grid and ensure that all rows and columns do not contain the same number twice. Patience and logic are essential for solving the puzzles.

  • Battleship®

    Battleship®, a classic family game, is part of many childhood memories. In order to work your way through the high seas, fire strategically to locate and sink enemy ships. Think fast before you lose too many boats.

  • Tetris®[1]

    Who hasn't heard of or played the classic game of Tetris®? Clear the screen by manipulating the tetrominoes and creating lines of blocks without gaps. This falling-blocks puzzle is easy to learn and genuinely addictive.

  • In-Flight 3D Golf Open: Sport Series[1]

    Live all the excitement of a professional golf game. With its accurate physics and stunning 3D graphics, this golf version will give you all the thrills of the game in the comfort of your seat!

  • In-Flight Trivia Tournament

    Test your general knowledge by answering questions from a wide range of topics. You can play by yourself or compete against other players. If you don't know the answer, you'll be able to see it and learn something new.


[1] First/Business Class only

Keiki Pack


  • Animal Factory

    Creativity just got a bit wilder. Juan the chameleon owns a machine which makes animals. Kids can learn about and build real animals or recreate the strange hybrid species that are presented to them.

  • Elephant Memory

    How well do you remember? Bubba the Elephant has dropped all of his pictures and needs your help. For each pair of identical cards you help pick up, Bubba gets a peanut. You'll have to pick your own brain for this one.

  • Disney's Classic Games®

    Disney Classic Games® is another great way for kids to learn the alphabet and colors. Donald Duck and his friends have 3 different cool activities for kids. Make them feel that learning can also be fun.