In-Flight Entertainment

Stay healthy with Ola Pono

Guest onboard our transpacific flights now have access to health and wellness videos produced exclusively for our in-flight programming.

ola-pono-1 Airplane Flight Exercises with Wainani Arnold
The first series of Ola Pono, hosted by Wainani Arnold of Wainani Wellness Center, focuses on stretches that you can do before, during and after your flight.
ola-pono-main-ocean-safety Hawaii Ocean Safety with Brian & Ha`a Keaulana
Brian Keaulana and his daughter, Ha`a Keaulana, take you on a journey exploring Hawaii's rich history and powerful connection to the ocean.
lee-anne-wong Ola Pono Series Part 3: Island Flavors
Our executive chef Lee Anne Wong shows you how she sources fresh local ingredients in Hawaii.