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Our in-flight video magazine, Hawaiian Skies, is produced exclusively for our guests on Hawaiian Airlines’ North America routes. Each edition takes an in-depth look at the people and things that make Hawaii unique.

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Hokulea Hokulea
Three years and nearly 30,000 nautical miles into the worldwide voyage of the legendary voyaging canoe Hokulea, the canoe undergoes refurbishment in Virginia. Meanwhile, the World Conservation Congress convenes in Honolulu.
Windsurf Maui Aloha Classic: Windsurfing
The world’s best windsurfers head to Maui for what’s considered the World Championship of Wave Surfing, the NoveNove Maui Aloha Classic. Hawaiian Extreme Sports covers all the excitement of the three-day contest.
Kendo Kendo: The Principles of the Sword
Tusha Buntin, who has studied kendo for 38 years, explains the history and cultural importance of the modern Japanese martial art. Evolving out of samurai swordsmanship, kendo has a strong history and presence in Hawaii.
Ohia The Ohia: The Story of Hawaii’s Tree
Hawaii’s beloved Ohia tree grows on nearly a million acres of forest across the Hawaiian Islands. In 2010, Rapid Ohia Death, a fungus, began to affect the forests. Learn about the Ohia and find out what you can do to stop the spread of the disease.
Ukulele Ukulele: The Instrument of Aloha
In April 2016, following a series of deadly earthquakes in Kumamoto, Japan, ukulele phenoms Honoka and Azita, along with their teacher Jody Kamisato, ventured to Japan to share some hope with this instrument of aloha.
Aloha Shirt The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands
What makes the Aloha shirt so special? Dale Hope, author of the book “The Aloha Shirt: Spirit of the Islands,” tells us the history of the worldwide fashion icon that is Hawaii’s most enduring greeter and ambassador.