Bid Up Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions shall apply to any offer (an “Offer”) made by you to Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. (“Hawaiian Airlines”) for an opportunity to upgrade from the class of service that you originally purchased for travel with Hawaiian Airlines to a higher cabin class.  Eligible passengers who have booked their flight via the Hawaiian Airlines website, Hawaiian Airlines Reservations department, or a third party may be sent an email inviting them to submit an Offer.  Hawaiian Airlines has the right to determine a passenger’s eligibility to submit an Offer in its sole and absolute discretion.  To check eligibility, passengers may visit the Hawaiian Airlines Bid Up webpage: and enter their confirmation code and last name in the fields provided.  Offers are only eligible on flights, dates and destinations operated and selected by Hawaiian Airlines in its sole and absolute discretion. 

Only one Offer may be submitted per eligible flight segment in a booking. An Offer may subsequently be cancelled or modified in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.  If there are multiple passengers in a booking, a passenger must submit an Offer to upgrade all passengers on the passenger name record.  The Offer amount shall be applied on a per passenger basis. The Offer amount submitted will be multiplied by the number of passengers included in the original booking. The passenger that submits the Offer will be deemed to have the authority to act on behalf of and to bind the person or persons named or included in the Offer to these Terms and Conditions.  An Offer refers to the total amount, per person, that an eligible passenger is willing to pay for the opportunity to upgrade from the cabin class that was originally purchased for travel with Hawaiian Airlines to the higher cabin class. The amount of an Offer is separate from and additional to the amount paid for the original ticket purchased.  Offers can only be paid for by most credit cards.  Debit cards requiring a PIN are not accepted. A zero dollar authorization hold will occur upon making an Offer and this authorization hold amount will be removed from the account when an Offer is selected as being either successful or unsuccessful. Payment will only be charged or deducted if an Offer is successfully accepted, and payment shall be charged in the full amount immediately upon acceptance of the Offer. Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to decide whether or not to accept an Offer and makes no representation that any passenger will be provided an upgrade, regardless of whether or not seats are available in the cabin class for which an Offer is made. Passengers are only permitted to submit, modify or cancel an Offer up to 48 hours prior to scheduled departure, provided that such passenger’s Offer has not already been accepted by Hawaiian Airlines and provided such passenger’s credit card has not been charged.  However, if an Offer is accepted before it is canceled or modified, the passenger who submitted the Offer is obligated to complete payment for the price stated in the original Offer.  All notifications concerning an Offer will be communicated to the passenger via email to the email address provided by the passenger when the original Offer was submitted. For security reasons, the email address provided may not be subsequently changed or otherwise modified.  Offers can be assessed by Hawaiian Airlines at any time during the period after an Offer is submitted  up until 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure date of the flight to which the Offer relates.  All passengers who make an Offer will be notified no later than  24 hours prior to the scheduled departure date of the relevant flight of the outcome of their Offer via email to the email address provided by the passenger when the original Offer was submitted.  In the event Hawaiian Airlines for any reason initiates a re-accommodation of a passenger on to a flight other than as was originally booked, any Offer made in relation to the original booking may be transferred to the new flight(s), subject to availability of the upgraded class.  An Offer that complies with these Terms and Conditions will be a valid Offer from the time of its submission, until the time the offeror is notified whether his or her Offer is successful or unsuccessful (the “Bidding Window”) . Should a passenger cancel an Offer within the Bidding Window or cancel a flight booking to which an Offer relates, the Offer will no longer be a valid Offer and Hawaiian Airlines shall not be obligated to consider or assess such Offer.  Hawaiian Airlines may accept an Offer any time during the Bidding Window. In the event Hawaiian Airlines accepts an Offer, Hawaiian Airlines will change the class of service reflecting the upgrade for each passenger included in the original flight booking.

The total amount charged will include all applicable pre-payable taxes and fees (if any) for the upgrade. The total amount paid will be disclosed to passengers prior to you submitting an Offer. The charge on the credit card may appear in the name of “Hawaiian Airlines". A charge may not be challenged or disputed on the basis that the name appearing on the credit card statement is not Hawaiian Airlines. 

No refunds, credits or exchanges will be issued once an Offer has been accepted by Hawaiian Airlines, unless one of the following conditions apply:

  1. A flight for which an Offer is selected as being successful is cancelled, and Hawaiian Airlines re-accommodates the upgraded passenger onto another flight in the original cabin class booked;
  2. A  passenger’s Offer is accepted, but the passenger is unable to be seated in the Upgraded cabin class for reasons other than the passenger’s actions (“Passenger Actions”)  Passenger Actions include, but are not limited to a passenger’s decision to change flights or any other action or omission resulting in a passenger missing the flight for which passenger received an upgrade.

If a refund is approved, the refund amount will be refunded in the same form of payment and the same currency that was used to pay for the upgrade.  Such refunds would be limited to amount charged for the upgrade and not include the cost of the original booking.  No bank related charges will be refunded.  No refund will be issued in the case of a change in aircraft and in which the upgraded cabin class is still provided to the passenger.  If a passenger modifies a flight segment after being notified of an accepted Offer, Hawaiian Airlines has no obligation to seat the passenger(s) in the upgraded cabin class. The upgrade will not be awarded for the new flight segment and passenger will not be entitled to a refund.

The fare rules of the original ticket purchased will remain in effect and applicable even if an Offer is not accepted. Fare rules include, but are not limited to, cancellation policies, change fees, baggage allowances and rules relating to the accrual of HawaiianMiles and Bonus Frequent Flyer Miles.  Upgraded passengers are eligible to earn HawaiianMiles and Bonus Frequent Flyer Miles at the rate of their originally purchased tickets, and not at the rate of their upgraded fare. 

Passengers who select an Extra Comfort/preferred seat product for their original booking and are subsequently awarded an upgrade pursuant to an accepted offer will not be refunded the amount paid for Extra Comfort/preferred seat fee difference.

Upgraded passengers shall be provided with two complimentary check-in bags.  Excess weight and size fees or special item fees may apply, see Baggage Fees for details. 

Hawaiian Airlines does not guarantee specific seat assignments or guarantee that upgraded passengers will be able to sit together.

Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to modify and otherwise change these Terms and Conditions at its absolute discretion from time to time and without notice. These Terms and Conditions shall apply in conjunction with Hawaiian Airlines' Conditions of Carriage, Website Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy, all of which are hereby incorporated into and form a part of these Terms and Conditions.