Fare-Hold Terms & Conditions

Special Conditions: Held Reservations for Travel on Hawaiian Airlines

  • The option to FARE-HOLD is available for one-way or roundtrip flight reservations booked through HawaiianAirlines.com and operated by Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The option to FARE-HOLD will not be available on codeshare flights marketed by another carrier vacation packages, mileage award bookings, or dollar miles bookings.
  • The FARE-HOLD fee will be applied to each person on the reservation at the time of selecting this option.
  • Fees to FARE-HOLD are nonrefundable and are not applied toward the price of the ticket.
  • Fees to FARE-HOLD are processed immediately after placing the FARE-HOLD.
  • Reservations that are FARE-HOLD must be ticketed by the indicated date and time, to guarantee the fare quoted.
  • FARE-HOLD reservations will automatically cancel if not purchased by 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time on the expiration date.
  • Once purchased, a FARE-HOLD reservation may not be changed. To make a change, the guest must cancel the FARE-HOLD reservation and rebook the desired flight. This may result in a fare increase.
  • Once a FARE-HOLD reservation is ticketed, the record will be subject to the normal HA fare rules.
  • No more than one (1) reservation with the same guest's name and route can be held at any given time. Multiple reservations with the same guest’s name and route is not allowed. If more than one fare hold is held at any given time, Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to cancel all of guest’s held reservations.
  • Pualani Platinum and Gold members enjoy one complimentary FARE-HOLD per member at any given time. Elite members must be logged into their account prior to making a reservation for FARE-HOLD fee waiver to apply. If more than one FARE-HOLD is held at any given time, Hawaiian Airlines reserves the right to cancel all of member’s held reservations.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has the right to cancel any reservation that violates these FARE-HOLD Term and Conditions or any other Hawaiian Airlines policies.