Fare-Hold Terms & Conditions

Special Conditions: Held Reservations for Travel on Hawaiian Airlines

  • The option to FARE-HOLD is available for one-way or roundtrip flight reservations booked through HawaiianAirlines.com and operated by Hawaiian Airlines.
  • The option to FARE-HOLD will not be available on codeshare flights marketed by another carrier vacation packages, mileage award bookings, or dollar miles bookings.
  • The charge to FARE-HOLD will be applied to each person on the reservation at the time of selecting this option.
  • Fees to FARE-HOLD are nonrefundable and are not applied toward the price of the ticket.
  • Fees to FARE-HOLD are processed immediately after placing the FARE-HOLD.
  • Reservations that are FARE-HOLD must be ticketed by the indicated date and time, to guarantee the fare quoted.
  • FARE-HOLD reservations will automatically cancel if not purchased by 11:59 PM Hawaii Standard Time of the expiration date.
  • Once purchased, a FARE-HOLD reservation may not be changed. To make a change, the guest must cancel the FARE-HOLD reservation and rebook the desired flight. This may result in a fare increase.
  • Once a FARE-HOLD reservation is ticketed, the record will be subject to the normal HA fare rules.
  • No more than one (1) reservation with the same guest's name and route can be held at any given time.
  • Hawaiian Airlines has the right to cancel any reservation that violates these FARE-HOLD Term and Conditions or any other Hawaiian Airlines policies.
  • Multiple reservations with the same guest’s name and route is not allowed.