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Updated: July 1, 2019

Debit Memo FAQ

General ADM FAQs

Why am I getting an ADM for a Reservation I booked, but did not issue a ticket for?
Airlines pay booking fees to the GDSs who agencies subscribe to, based on what is booked, regardless if they are ticketed or not. Agencies are then audited by what they book, regardless if they are ticketed or not. There are some serious booking infractions that can create unnecessary expense for the airline.
Why am I getting an ADM for a ticketed Reservation I made a change to, but did not reissue a ticket for?
If a ticket was previously issued, you must complete the exchange process so the ticket is associated to the itinerary being held. Applicable change fees and fare difference needs to be collected at the time reservations are changed.
How was my fee calculated on my ADM?
When an invalid fare is used, we look for the next applicable fare, ensuring that all fare rules are met.
What are Service Debits?
These are typically booking and ticketing infractions where the behavior of the agent may misalign with rules and best practice; for instance, churning. An agency may book and cancel an excessive number of flight segments, so a Service Debit is issued. Our Service Debits are a flat fee of $50 USD (or equivalent).
I used a HA waiver code, but I still got a debit memo. Why?
Please ensure that your original ticket and your new ticket meets ALL sale and travel period parameters, amongst ALL other applicable fare rules and waiver restrictions. If one rule or parameter is not met, you will need a new/different waiver code. Please utilize the tour code box for waivers. If tour code box is in use, please add to your endorsement box.

US/ARC Memo Manager FAQs

I wrote my dispute in AMM correspondence, why are you asking me to “Dispute” the memo by clicking the Dispute button?
We ask that all ARC memos get settled or disputed in ARC Memo Manager within the first 30 days after the ADM gets issued. We have different teams to address ADMs and we want to be sure our Disputes Team receive proper notification of your dispute to get it resolved as soon as possible.
When do your ADM late fees get applied?
In general, our first late fee of $50 will apply 90 days from ADM issue date, and a second late fee of $50 will apply at 120 days from ADM issue date. ADMs older than 120 days may have shorter notice periods. ADMs still not paid thereafter, will be considered delinquent and will be escalated for review to revoke ticketing privileges on Hawaiian Airlines.
If my HA ticketing authority was terminated, how do I get it back?
If your HA Ticketing Authority was revoked due to unpaid ADMs, the balance of the unpaid memos will need to be paid in full, as well as a Ticketing Reinstatement fee of $150.
I didn’t know I had an ADM in AMM, but now it’s older than 1 year, why can’t I dispute it?
All agencies are responsible for ADMs raised in AMM and must ensure they manage their own settings to be alerted when ADMs are issued. ADMs greater than 365 days old will not be investigated, therefore, they cannot be disputed and must be paid in full.


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